Record of Testing


There have been extensive testing on this website to ensure everyone who uses it gets the most out of it. After completing the website, I sent two people the link, my girlfriend and brother, for them to look over it and try to find flaws and mistakes. Not only that but I asked for there opinion on things like design, brand and voice. Conveniently, when I herd back from both these people, they had very similar things to say!

Mistakes/Flaws Found

The main thing my testers told me was the fact I had too much going on. Apple is a very confident company and their voice and brand represents that, with that said, I needed to go with a more simple confident tone. Moreover, my testers realized that some of my pages went on a little too long as I have a hard time ending my writing. In order for this website to be practical, it needed to be something people could read through quickly and find what they need with out navigating through too much information. Other than that, the only recommendations I got were some simple mistakes but nothing too major that required serious overhaul.

What I did

After receiving recommendations from my testers,  I knew I would have to do a complete over haul. Believe or not, I completely deleted my website and I started all over again. After creating my first website and hearing back from the testers I knew I completely missed the voice and brand I was aiming for. I believe the information I got from my testers really helped me see what I was missing, and now I believe my website hits on everything it needs to in order to be helpful to its users.