User Manual

User Manual (Instructions)

Getting started

First we must look at the physical buttons of the iPod touch. The main button is on the bottom front face of the device and by pressing it, it will always bring you back to the home or main screen (, 2016). Next is the button on the top right of the device. This is known as the sleep and wake button, and can put the device to sleep until you press it again to wake it up (, 2016). The next buttons are on the top right side of the device. You will find two buttons, and they are very simple, the top one turns the volume up and bottom one turns it down.

There are a few gestures you need to know how to do before using your iPod. The first is the zoom option and you do this by putting two fingers on the screen together and spreading them apart (, 2016). This will zoom the screen in and you do the opposite to zoom back out.

Creating an Apple Account

You will need to create an apple account in order to use your device. This can simply be done on the Apple website and will only take you a few short minutes. By creating this account, you will use it to log on to certain things within the device, you will use it when downloading music and you will need it to make purchases on the iPod Touch.

Setting up your Ipod Touch

As soon as you turn the device on, by holding the sleep/wake button, there will be a setup manager waiting for you (, 2016). There are a few things you should know and have on hand to go through the setup manager which include your wifi password and your apple ID information (, 2016). The setup manager will take you through your new device and really help you understand how it works.

After going through this setup manager, you will want to connect yourself to your wifi. You can do this by touching the settings button, then the wifi button and press the find networks button (, 2016). After doing this, all the wifi networks in your area should appear and you need to find yours, then click that and put in your password (, 2016). Now your Ipod is connected to the internet and this will open a world of possibilities for your device!

The next thing you want to do is connect your new Ipod Touch to your computer. You can do this by taking the charging cord that came with the device, and putting the usb end into your computer and the other into the iPod. This will allow to sync your device to your computer and you will need to do this when adding music to the iPod.

While your iPod is connected to your computer you will want to set up your iCloud. The iCloud allows you to share pictures, videos and other files freely with your computer, and it’s a place to save all your important files to a place they wont be lost if something happens to your iPod Touch (, 2016). Also, now that you are signed up with your iCloud, you can sign into any Apple device with your Apple account and through that cloud you can pull up all your saved files (, 2016)!

Next, you want to sync your iTunes account on your computer with your new iPod Touch. When you open up iTunes on your computer, keeping your device plugged in, there should be link on the left side of the page with the name of your iPod and you need to click that (, 2016). After that opens, you will need to look on the bottom right side of the page where you will sync your iTunes account with your new device (, 2016). By doing this, all the music, movies or books you have purchased on your iTunes account will be added to your device! Therefore, as you purchase new files from iTunes, when you want to add them to your device, you simply repeat those steps and then they will appear on your iPod!

Apps and Music

Apps are what makes your device so amazing and so much fun. Saying that, you may have thoughts that it may be very difficult to add these apps to the device but it is actually very easy. When on your device you will see a icon that says app store and this is where you can find all the apps in the world (, 2016). After finding an app you like, you simply hit download, let it install and before you know it, it will appear as a new icon on your screen (, 2016).

Adding apps to your device is extremely easy and adding music is not far behind that. On your computer, you must log on to your itunes account and download music through there. itunes allow you to buy and download music, movies and books all of which can be added to your iPod (, 2016). Once you download your new content, you will be saved onto your itunes, waiting to be put onto your device. Now, doing this is also very simple. Just like before you need to connect your device to your computer and log onto itunes and hit the button on the left side of the screen where it says your iPod’s name (, 2016). Once you open this you have to look on the bottom right corner for the sync button, by doing this you will add all your new downloaded content onto your device!